Technology Partners

The following companies have supported Q3 Media Training in some way for which we would like to say a big THANK-YOU!


Matrox Video Logo (Blue on White)

Matrox Video

Matrox are specialists in video processing hardware. Less well-known is their software OEM platforms which are powering many broadcast systems from production through to playout. 

Matrox have kindly loaned us two ConvertIP units (SDI<>IP and HDMI<>IP) as well as their amazing ConductIP control platform which provides easy NMOS routing functions within out IP demo rack.


Riedel Communications

Riedel are well known for their talkback systems, but following their acquisition of Embrionix at the start of 2020 they are also an important player in the word of #IPVideo.

The Embrionix products continue to be available to OEM partners but have also evolved into new off-the-shelf products under the new MediorNet FusioN range.

We currently have a Fusion 3 unit on loan demonstrating bi-directional IP<>SDI conversion with redundant 2022-7 connectivity in our IP Demo rack.

Riedel Communications Logo
Phabrix Logo with tagline reading A Leader Company


Phabrix are a UK based manufacturer of video test & measurement equipment. Their popular range of hand-held devices can be found in most broadcast facilities across the globe!

Phabrix were acquired by Leader in 2019 though they continue as a distinct brand. They have played important role in the development of both SMPTE 2110 and NMOS and continue to innovate with their flagship QxL and QxP platform.

Q3 made a significant investment into our IP demo kit in early 2023 with the purchase of a Phabrix QxL unit (see news coverage here). Thankfully we were supported in this with a significant discount, and also additional upgrades to our existing Phabrix RX500 unit that resides in our HD Demo Kit.

TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions.

Their software (provided for training use by TAG) can be found in the new IP/UHD Rack of the #BigPinkDemoKit enabling us to demonstrate receiving/monitoring of both uncompressed (SMPTE ST 2022-6 / 2110) and compressed signals (albeit in rather underpowered hardware – something we’re hoping to improve soon!).

Logo of TAG Video Systems
Logo of TSL Products

TSL Products

TSL are specialists in Audio, Control and Power Management across Media & Entertainment and wider markets. You’ll find their equipment in broadcast facilities across the globe and also in our #BigPinkDemoKit.

Our SD Demo rack includes an old TSL Audio Monitor featuring PPM metering supporting Analogue, AES and SDI (Despite it being old – it even connects via Dante IP Audio Dante thanks to an external module!).

Our HD Demo Rack includes TSL PAM1-Mk2 unit provided by TSL.

All our racks use TSL’s Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs – a.k.a. MDUs). Also provided by TSL This allows us to demonstrate the importance of power Management but also individually control power to units when operating the demo kit remotely.



SRI International

Video can be complicated, especially with the move to UHD and HDR formats. SRI International (Sarnoff) specialise in producing test signals which help media professionals understand and identify what they are seeing allowing confidence that the signal path and associated monitoring is working as expected.

Q3 Media Training have access to the full range of Sarnoff test signals and use them in both the HD Rack and IP/UHD Rack (part of the #BigPinkDemoKit).

The Sarnoff Visualizer (forgive the spelling, their from the US!) is an all-in-one test pattern that’s many generations evolved beyond the old BBC Test Card! You can see some of the features and how it can be used and other SRI signals on this YouTube playlist: SRI Sarnoff Video Test & Measurement.

Sarnoff Visualizer and Logo
Meinberg Logo with tagline reading The Synchronisation Experts


Founded in Germany in 1979, Meinberg know everything there is to know about synchronising systems to time.

They are not a well known name in broadcasting, but their PTP Grandmaster units are the beating heart of most early SMPTE 2110 installations. 

We make use of their popular PTP Track Hound software on our TR1001 IP Media Networks course and have been provided with an extended demo licence of their Pro version of PTP Track Hound v2, which is continuously monitoring PTP time in our IP Demo rack.

It was an invaluable tool in the early days as we had a lot of issues with our original PRP grandmaster unit!

Logo of Elecard


You may not have heard of them – but you’ll likely find Elecard codecs built into many software elements across the broadcast chain. What they don’t know about Codecs isn’t worth knowing – and with the StreamEye Analysis Tool (extended demo licences provided by Elecard) we are able to support our training on compression topics with real-world examples.



If you’d like to discuss supporting us please get in touch via

We are constantly growing our demonstration equipment and have a wide range of broadcast systems (vendors aren’t mentioned here as most other equipment has been purchased commercially).

If you have some old equipment which you think would be useful to us, please do get in touch!

Support may include loan equipment, trial software licences, explanatory collateral or some other way of sharing expertise.

Working with these partners allows us to make our training offering better so we would like to say a very big THANK-YOU!