Our team has a wide range of skills and experience and is available to help in many ways - just ask!

In addition to formal training, Q3 Media Training can also provide one-off or ongoing technical and operational support. Typically this would follow the delivery of a specific project but can also be ad-hoc whenever a customer has a particular need. Technical investigations and evaluations is a particular speciality where we can add-value, ensuring customers have key knowledge and insight when they need it most.

Some Activities Where We Can Assist

Industry Analysis

Whether you need general information on the broadcast industry or a specific competitive analysis we can help.

We are experts at digging through documentation and talking to people at trade shows to cut through the marketing bulls#!t to find out the real facts.

We can present our findings through discussion, presentation or formal report writing.

Skills Assessment and Development Programme Planning

We can provide a range of assessment options ranging from simple questionnaires to personal interviews and practical testing.

Companies can benefit from independent assistance with assessing what skills and knowledge are required and what is the most effective approach to addressing these needs.

We can act as programme managers on behalf of clients to manage planning and contracts with third party training providers.

Workflow Analysis and User Requirements Capture

The skills that make an effective trainer can be applied in reverse to investigate and capture how users work.

Through questioning and work-shadowing of users current workflows can be assessed as well as evaluation of proposed options for change.

Our team can assist with clearly documenting workflows and assist with subesquent user group training and operational support.

Impartial Review for Broadcast Products & Technology Projects

The experience our team has means we can give independent and impartial advice on any matter relating to broadcast technology.

Manufacturers launching a new product to the Media & Entertainment industry can benefit from advice and analysis against existing products from competitors.

Broadcasters/Facilities Houses/Service Providers considering options for future technology projects can benefit from impartial assessment of the technology choices being made.

White Label Training for Manufacturer

Our training consultants can become part of your team.

By investing time to educate us on your software/system they can present branded training on your behalf without the normal costs of maintaining a full-time training team.

Independent Advice: Broadcast Tech / IP / Cloud

Sometimes, all you need is someone to discuss ideas and ask simple questions. Our team has a lot of experience with IP technology and a wide network with real-world experience.

We can provide ad-hoc advice either in person or remotely.

If you need some help, just get in touch! For simple enquiries we don’t need to be formal about charging for our time as we consider it a good investment in our future relationship with you.

Broadcast Systems Audit and Housekeeping

Many small installations we see are being maintained by small teams who do the best they can but due to operational pressures and a lack of guidance, systems can become messy and unmanageable over time.

We can provide associates who can perform full auditing services including the updating of schematic drawings and restoring installations to an ‘as-new’ state with organisation and management of materials and wiring effort required.

E-Learning Consultancy, Design and Implementation

We’ve seen a lot of money spent on poor E-Learning which quickly becomes outdated and poorly utilised.

We work with our E-Learning partners who are specialists and who can create effective platforms quickly with enough flexibility to ensure the investment is not wasted.

Training The Trainer - Communicating Effectively

Communicating technical concepts and explaining how systems function can be a challenge to those unfamiliar with presenting.

We can provide formal training to explain how people learn and the techniques which presenters can use to help guide learners through the telling of technical stories.

Sessions always include lots of opportunities for putting theory into practice.

To ensure sessions are sucessful they go beyond the formal training as we offer follow-up mentoring to further help attendees develop their skills. This is normally done remotely but can be in person if required.

Technical Investigations & Quality Assurance Testing

We love getting into the detail of how systems work. Many years of working with software based systems alongside traditional broadcast hardware means we can quickly investigate any platform, identifying limitations, problems and evaluating its capabilities.

We like to think we can break any system; but importantly when we do we work hard to find out how to make the issue repeatable and in many cases understand it well enough to point to the likely cause.

Technology Updates

The Broadcast Media & Entertainment industry is constantly pushing technology forwards and it can be hard to keep up.

It’s our business to keep up to date with the changes that occur and the new technology emerging for use in Broadcast.

We can prepare sessions for individuals or teams to provide general industry updates or focus on a specific technology or product area.

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