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Broadcast Systems and Workflow

Wherever possible we like to make use of real broadcast systems and technology to allow us to demonstrate the concepts being introduced/explained in our training courses.

Below are some of the systems we use regularly in course- The systems are subject to change at any time. If there is a piece of equipment you really need on a course please let us know in advance.

We also have a wide range of other equipment which our trainers have built up over the years (sometimes the only way to really learn about something in detail is to fiddle with real equipment & software).

In addition to the kits listed bellow, we can provide additional equipment to facilitate hands-on session and/or to assist with technology investigations. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Big Pink Demo Kit(s)

Fundamentals and SDI Demo Kit

This is the original #BigPinkDemoKit and was built to support our Broadcast Engineering Essentials course. It often gets used for shorter courses such as Broadcast Industry & Technology and Broadcast Technology for Developers.

The kit consists of:

  • Sync Pulse Generator (Trilogy Mentor Plus – SD/HD Syncs & SDI TSG)
    Including reference distribution across both racks and to ENG camera providing ability to demonstrate H/V offset and impact of loss of genlock.
  • HD-SDI Test Signal Generator (Astro SG-7802A)
  • LTC Time Generator & BITC Inserter (Evertz HD9010)
  • CRT Broadcast Monitor (Sony PVM-14L3 with 120D Option for SDI Input)
    Old but great for demonstrating many of the features/concepts still found on monitors/TV and for telling the story of interlace.
    Connected of media player & TSG via CVBS & SDI, WFM Monitor out via Component.
  • 2x 24″ 3G-SDI Broadcast Video Monitors (JVC DT-V24G1, BON BXN-242L3G)
    Monitors have a variety of input and differ in handling of Interlace (JVC doesn’t show field dominance correctly). BON monitor includes many features common on Broadcast viewfinders (focus peaking and over/under-level highlighting). Analogue connections looped out from CRT have been connected to JVC monitor but are rarely used.
  • Traditional Audio Meter with PPMs (Inputs via analogue, AES3 and Dante)
  • Modern Audio Monitoring Unit (TSL PAM1-Mk2)
    Analogue, AES and SDI Inputs
  • Tektronix WFM 601M (with Eye & Digital WFM functions)
    Old and only SD but great for demonstrating the basics of SDI
  • Tektronix WVR5000 – Simple HD waveform monitor
  • Tektronix WVR7120 – Complex HD-SDI waveform monitor
  • Phabrix RX-500 with EYE Option – 3G-SDI waveform
    HDMI Output (OBS PGM) as a source to Ateme mixer.
    Great for demonstrating the concepts of Exposure and RGB>YUV with the ENG camera thanks to it’s ability to colour the parade waveforms  
  • SD HDMI Media Player
    HDMI converted to SDI for SD non-sync source with embedded audio & VBI data
  • HD Media Player (BlackmagicDesigns VideoAssist 5″)
    Loaded with a variety of test signals and clips used for demonstration. HDMI Output also used for live compression demonstration 
  • PC1:
     – OBS (software mixer) – media playback and SDI Input via BMD Decklink card
     – Multiple NDI Outputs (OBS PGM, SDI Input)
     – Dante DVS/VIA audio over IP & Dante Controller
     – HDMI Output (OBS PGM) as a source to Ateme mixer 
  • PC 2:
     – Sarnoff Test Pattern Generator via AJA Kona 3 with support for UHD signals via quad-3GSDI. 1st 3G-SDI output converted to HDMI via Decimator Designs for fixed input to Ateme mixer
     – remote control of BMD Ateme mixer
     – Playout demo software
     – NDI conversion for remote viewing of Tek WVR7120 
     – ASI/TS generation and analysis via DekTec DTA card 
    – Dante DVS/VIA audio over IP & Dante Controller
     – HDMI Output (OBS PGM) as a source to Ateme mixer
  • Vision Mixer (Blackmagic Design Ateme)
    8 Inputs (4 fixed, 4 routable SDI), PGM Out, Multiviewer Out, Aux Out 
  • Basic & Linear Standards Convertors (Snell Kudos Plus CVR800 and Lumantek ez-shv+ )
    used for demonstrating 50Hz>59.94Hz conversion side-by-side on monitors to show visible artefacts when using ‘cheap’ conversion 
  • 12×12 3G-SDI Router (Blackmagic Design Smart VideoHub)
  • Kaleido Solo – SDI>HDMI Convertor
    Powerful single input Multiviewer with audio level overlays and real-time loudness graphing for EBU R128 and A85 (simultaneously)
  • Intelligent Mains Distribution (TSL)
    Allow remote control of outputs and demonstration of SNMP Monitoring  
  • Audio Tester (CTP Systems dBox2)
    Generation of Tone/GLITS in Analogue/AES3
  • H264/H265 Encoder/Decoder with NDI HX Support
    Allows side-by-side demonstration of original vs. compressed video 
  • Broadcast ENG Camera (Sony HDW750P on Manfrototo tripod with remote focus/zoom controls)
    Essential for demonstrating key concepts for capturing light and colours when combined with test charts and camera light


2 portable 19 inch equipment racks full of broadcast demonstration hardware with 2 broadcast SDI monitors on top and an ENG camera on a tripod beside them.
Equipment rack with broadcast hardware for IP Media Networking 2110 PTP etc.

IP & UHD Demo Kit

This kit was created in 2022 to support the growing popularity of our TR1001 IP Media Networks course. Thanks to generous support from some of our partners (and a not insignificant investment in equipment) we now have the ability to demonstrate a wide range of IP media formats and control protocols.

The kit has been built to also allow demonstration of UHD concepts which is an area we are currently building our knowledge and experience of.

The kit consists of:

  • PTP v2 Grandmaster (Sonifex AVN-GMC with external GPS Antenna)
    We’ve discovered a repeatable fault with the way this unit operates which Sonifex are currently investigating – it allows us to demonstrate what happens when things go wrong!   
  • Sync Pulse Generator (AJA mini brick)
    Not locked to the same master oscillator as the PTP grandmaster – we hope to improve this in the future. 
  • Modular Glue Frame (Axon Synapse with 2x NIO 550 cards for 3G-SDI<>SMPTE 2022-6 conversion and frame synchronisation)
  • 24″ 3G-SDI Broadcast Video Monitor (BON BXN-242L3G)
    A broadcast monitor is perhaps overkill and may be replaced with a UHD/HDR monitor in future but for now the H/V scan-offset feature is great for seeing the full video raster and reminding trainees about embedded audio and VANC data as this is a key difference between 2022-6 and 2110. 
  • Phabrix QxL
    SMPTE 2110 and 12G-SDI/Quad 3G signal analysis and test signal generation. SDI analysis includes EYE up to 12G.
    Using this we can demonstrate receiving of 2110 and 2022-6  including being controlled by NMOS IS-04/05.
  • HD Media Player (Blackmagic Design VideoAssist 5″)
    Loaded with a variety of 1080i/25 test signals and clips used for demonstration. 
  • UHD/4K Media Player (Sony PMW-PZ1)
    Loaded with a variety of test signals and clips used for demonstration.
  • HD-SDI Camera
    Basic live video source useful for assessing processing latency.
  • Reidel Fusion 3 (Loan unit – temporary)
    Bi-directional conversion between SDI <> 2110 with NMOS control.
  • SERVER1 (Supermicro with Mellanox ConnectX5 Dual 100G)
     – Boot 1: TAG VS MCM-9000 IP Multiviewer: Single head output in 2110, MPEG-TS and NDI formats. Displaying inputs via MPEG-TS, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110-20.
    – Boot 2: Windows 10 – RTP Streaming practical alternative source (VLC) and demonstration of Wireshark capture of high-bandwidth video streams.
  • SERVER2 (Supermicro with AJA Kona 4 Quad-3G SDI Card)
     – Sarnoff Test Pattern Generator in HD/UHD resolutions with HDR support.
     – RTP Streaming practical main source (VLC).
     – NDI v5 tools.
  • PC1 (HP EliteDesk 800 G5)
     – Axon Cortex/Cerebrum for control of 2022-6 cards
     – Imagine Magellan for control of SDI router.
     – Riedel MNet for configuration of Fusion 2110 device.
     – Meinberg ptpTrackHound v2 in service mode for continuous logging.
     – NDI v5 tools.
  • 40×40 3G-SDI Video Router (Harris/Imagine Panacea)
    Like most IP facilities you still need lots of SDI!
    Controlled via Magellan running on HP G5 PC.
  • 25G/10G/1G Network Switches (MikroTik CCR2004 & CRS326)
  • Quad 3G-SDI > 12G-SDI Converter (Blackmagic Design Terranex)
    with video monitoring via smartpanel.
  • H264/H265 Encoder/Decoder with NDI HX Support
    Fed from HDMI output of HD Media Player – permanent feed into TAG multiviewer and demo of NDI HX. 
  • Intelligent Mains Distribution (TSL)
    Allow quick control of output state via front panel LCD or web-UI to help minimise unnecessary nose when equipment not required. Can also be used to demo monitoring/control via SNMP.


Practical Networking Kit

This kit has been curated over the years by Mike Dhonau and is used on our Practical Introduction to IP Networking course.

As this is a very practical and hands-on course it takes a lot of effort to prepare the systems, accompanying practical guide books and to ensure it all works on the day!

We typically maintain 8 sets of the following (+ hardware for trainer/demonstration and some spares):

  • Managed Network Switch (We have a sets of both Cisco and Juniper)
  • Windows Laptop with Ethernet
  • USB > Serial Interface adaptor (for configuration of network switch via console)
  • MikroTik Router (routing and NAT to connect tot the internet – typically done on-site via WiFi)
View across the desks showing laptops and network switch hardware provided for training use.

Want to support us?

If you have equipment that isn’t too large/heavy/noisy that you’re willing to provide on long-term loan, please get in touch. If we have it, we like to use it – helping get your product in front of potential customers.

Note, our integrity is important to us so while we like to be educated about systems & equipment provided by partners, we will always share our real un-biased views about any system we use. We will always communicate any issues we have with partners and help where possible to help issues be resolved. Please see our partners page for details of who has been supportive to us.

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