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Broadcast Video & Technology for Developers

1 or 2 days

Closeup of a Broadcast Schematic viewed from a 3D projection


This course is aimed at software developers who are working on solutions designed for use broadcast.

Video and audio are key technologies used online and in general computing, but there are many important differences when it comes to broadcast.

The scope of the topics covered will be tailored to each client to ensure appropriate coverage of fundamentals and systems details.

Course can be delivered face-to-face or online over Zoom. 

Please contact us for example topics lists. 

Course Trainers


Ed Calverley Closeup

Ed Calverley

Graham Collins Headshot

Graham Collins

Pricing for this course depends on duration and delivery style. Guide pricing (2024) is £2,750 for 1 day and £4,500 for 2-days. Online delivery is typically limited to 4-hour duration to ensure attentiveness. An all-inclusive fixed price quote will be provided on request. This is a fixed fee regardless of the number of attendees, however we recommend a maximum of 10 attendees to allow time for questions to be addressed. Inclusive pricing covers all travel, subsistence, printing and other expenses plus access to PDF versions and access to view session recordings (for revision use).

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