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Broadcast Industry & Technology Intro

2 days (or 1 day abridged)


This 2 day Broadcast Training course is presented for a fixed price at your premises.

The schedule for the day has been put together to provide a cost effective way to address the often overlooked basics of the broadcast industry and its technology, whilst also having a positive impact on staff morale by encouraging back-office/admin staff to be included in the initial session(s).

A cut-down version of this course may be run for 1-day – please discuss what topics are important and we will endeavour to ensure appropriate coverage.

Diagram showing that the course starts with non-technical topics suitable for all staff before getting more technical

All sessions are presenter-led becoming progressively more technical in style.

As can be seen by the diagram, the first half-day is suitable for all staff and has been run successfully presented to larger groups (15-20 people) – though groups of this size feel more of a formal presentation style and limits discussion. 

As the course gets more technical (beyond the first morning session) a maximum of 10 attendees is recommended to allow questions to be adequately addressed. Smaller groups are typically more effective in any training and this course can be run for as few as 2-3 people.

Course Trainer


Ed Calverley Closeup

Ed Calverley

Pricing (2024) for the standard 2-day course is £4,500. For the 1-day variant, the pricing depends whether demonstration equipment is used: £2,400-2,750. These are fixed fees regardless of the number of attendees. Expenses are charged in addition to this base fee – an all-inclusive fixed price quote can be provided on request. Inclusive pricing covers all travel, subsistence, printing and other expenses plus access to PDF versions and access to view session recordings (for revision use).

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