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The Broadcast Knowledge

This site is non-profit and was created by Russel Trafford-Jones. It regularly posts links to freely accessible videos and webinars.

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Video: Analog Luma - A History and Explanation of Video – – It's oscilloscope time as we look at the fundamentals of how we see, the difference between luminance and #luma, colour volumes, #NTSC, #PAL, gamma correction and more. From @DisplacedGamers

Video: Where can #SMPTE2210 and #NDI co-exist? – – How to get the best of both compressed & uncompressed worlds as @IET_Media talks to Marc @Risbytv from @Boxer_Systems, @EBU_HQ's Willem Vermost and Will Waters from @NewtekInc part of @VizRT. @SMPTEConnect

Video: #NMOS #IS07, #GPI Replacement and Much, Much More..– – Miroslav Jeras from @Pebbleupdates explains how IS-07 goes beyond emulating GPIs by adding #PTP timing, data types & ranges creating a more accurate GPI with better interoperability. #IPShowcase

Video: A paradigm shift in codec standards – #MPEG5 Part 2 #LCEVC – – The new @MPEGGroup standard for Low computational complexity encoding which sits on top of another codec such as #HEVC is explained by @VNovaVideo's @GuidoMeardi at @Demuxed.

Webinar: #ATSC3.0 Physical Layer and Data Link Layer Overview –Wed, 15th Jan 16:00GMT– – ATSC first to go all-IP DTH? #OFDM modulation, #PHY, multiple operating points, SFNs and more from @atsc_updates' chair Luke Fay @Sony. @IEEEBTSociety #IEEEBTSWebinar

Video: What is 525-Line #Analog Video? – – Retro warning! CRTs, #VHS and consoles abound as @DisplacedGamers explains #analogue video, 525i, 240p, interlacing, console timing, blanking periods, hidden data. Great video for new entrants to the industry.

Video: The Rise of IP in #RemoteProduction Networks – – @TelstraBCast's Carl Petch explains 3 case studies on how #ST2022-6, #VC2 with their #OTN #OpticalTransportNetwork delivered services for #Pyeongchang #Olympics, #WTATennis & @FOXSportsAus #IPShowcase

Video: The End of Broadcast? Broadcast to IP Impacts – – @IanNock from @IET_Media examines IP's gradual take-over from #broadcast TV with @DVB_Project, @TheDTG & Deutsche TV-Plattform. Has broadcast TV lost ground and what may be the future impact?

Video: Real-Time #RemoteProduction For The FIFA Women’s #WorldCup – – @FOXSports' Brandon Potter + partners @Telestream, @IBM @AsperaSoft & @ReachEngine explain how they managed to move 1PB of data into the cloud and edit live a continent away. #FIFAWWC

Video: There and back again: reinventing #UDP streaming with #QUIC – – Lucas Pardue from @CloudFlare explains QUIC, its multiplexed bi-directional, reliable-delivery streams structure + how it relates to @Google & #HTTP3. @SimmerVigor @Demuxed #Streaming

Video: 2019 What did I miss? – Introducing #RIST – – Merrick Ackermans explains that Reliable Internet Streaming Transport is needed for interop. He explains what works now + what's to come. @IBCShow #IPShowcase Main Profile Info:

Video: 2019 What did I miss? #HDR Formats and Trends – – Brian Alvarez from #Amazon @PrimeVideo gives us the latest on #HDR adoption in broadcast, displays & streaming plus he explains @DolbyLabls' PQ, #HLG, #HDR10, #DolbyVision #SeattleVidTech @Demuxed

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