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The Broadcast Knowledge

This site is non-profit and was created by Russel Trafford-Jones. It regularly posts links to freely accessible videos and webinars.

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Webinar: IP 101 – Redundancy in an IP environment – – Tomorrow 8am GMT& 4pm GMT – @AxonDigital continues its webinar series on #SMPTE #ST2110 & #ST2022-7 looking at all the ways to build redundancy into your #IP infrastructure. Click for previous editions.

Webinar: Beginner Crash Course for Video App #Development – Tomorrow 11th 4pm GMT – – @Bitmovin brings together Andrea Fassina & Sean McCarthy with @KFarr to share their experiences writing video apps, common mistakes & measuring quality. #Streaming #OTT

Video: Talk 2110 – – @Lawo's Phil Myers, @RIEDELnet's Jan Eveleens, @SonyProEurope's Claus Pfeifer and Zoltán Matula from @NewTek get together with @Imagine_Comms to discuss #SMPTE #ST2110: the benefits and challenges. From @broadcast_sol utions

Video: How @CBCRadio-Canada Tested Media-over-IP Devices to Build its New Facility – – @EBU_HQ's Willem Vermost explains #RadioCanada's move to #2110, #JTNM testing to reduce risk & the EBU's #OpenSource LIST project for #PTP/2110 analysis. @SMPTEConnect

Video: #RIST Main Profile Description – – RIST provides reliable streaming over unreliable networks. @CobaltDigital explains encryption, tunnelling, authentication and NULL packet removal in RIST's new Main Profile from the #RISTForum. #VSF

Video: #OpenSource #Streaming – – @_jasonthibeault asks how to evaluate when open source is the right choice + how to give back to the community with Steve @Heff.ernan from @MUXHQ, @Brightcove's Yuriy Reznik, @RemaMorganAluko & Rob Dillon. @StreamingMedia

Video: #LowLatency #Streaming – – Low-Latency HLS and #CMAF are explained here with @deutschetelekom's Koen van Benschop who covers optimising what you already have and @Fraunhofer's Stefan Arbanowski advocating a move to CMAF. @twitstar7 @NorthernWavesTV

Webinar: #DVB-I service discovery and programme metadata – – Wed 4th Dec 2019, 13:00 GMT – @DVB_Project explains how #DVBI merges internet and broadcast services into one seamless experience. Paul Higgs and @TPVision's Peter Lanigan have the details.

Video: Synchronize your Watches: Cross-platform stream synchronization of HLS, DASH – – @Philo's Seth Madison explores the benefits and difficulties in creating synchronised streaming playback for large groups to avidly watch TV together. @SMad, @Demuxed

Andrea Fassina from @Bitmovin has given us some really nice 'Dare to Stream' t-shirts to #giveaway. Broadcast is fun at heart so, wherever you are, we'll send you a #free t-shirt if you reply with a good streaming, compression or broadcast pun/joke – and also one for the worst...

Video: SMPTE Technical Primers – – @Imagine_Comms' John Mailhot joins @Dolby Labs, @theDTG and Source Sound VR to introduce ST2110, HDR, colour spaces, cloud technology, immersive audio, cinema audio, #VVC, #AV1 and more. @SMPTEConnect

Video: JPEG XS in Action for IP Production – – @NevionCorp's Andy Rayner explains how a broadcaster moved all its infrastructure into data centres using ultra-low latency #JPEGXS and the benefits of whole-building #RemoteProduction. #IPShowcase

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