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Outside Broadcast Trucks


Building a large Outside Broadcast (OB) truck is a great chance manufacturers and system integrators get to show off what they can do and to highlight the latest technology. Not surprising then that there is no shortage of detailed case study videos!

Timeline’s UHD 2 the most advanced IP OB truck

Snell Advanced Media – 6m 32s  (Sept 2017)

Timeline discuss the development and build of their amazing UHD 2 IP OB truck

The World’s First IP-Based OB Truck (Arena TV)

Grass Valley – 5m 46s  (March 2017)

See how Grass Valley and its partners worked together to make Arena TV’s first of three 4K IP trucks a reality.

Sony Panorama – Building The Best Outside Broadcast Trucks

reel nice – 21m 14s  (June 2013)

We made this film for Sony Professional Broadcasting over 8 months, documenting the building of the first ever fleet of 4K outside broadcast vehicle’s for Russian company Panorama to be used in the next Winter Olympics.

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