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All courses can be tailored to suit your requirements

Knowledge is power, and at Q3 Media Training we believe to make good decisions people should be fully informed. That’s why we are passionate about education.

We can provide formal training sessions on a range of topics, specialising in broadcast technology and workflows. We are happy to design new sessions or customise content to focus on the specific needs of each customer.

Training can be provided in your office or we can arrange suitable conference venues, allowing us to tailor sessions to specific customer requirements and timing.

We believe training should be fun and endeavour to make sessions interactive. We also aim to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. Based on the old adage ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’ we believe a good animation or video can significantly increase understanding so we put a lot of effort into course preparation to ensure we make the most effective use of the time we have.

TR-1001 IP Media Networks

3-day course covering the essential topics for understanding, specifying and deploying IP networking for broadcast & media production. Includes specialised knowledge relating to standards and protocols used in broadcast (SMPTE ST 2022/2110, PTP, NMOS etc.).

Vision Control

Broadcast Engineering Essentials

3-5 day course covering the fundamentals of broadcast technology that every engineer and technician should know. Attendees of this course will be more confident and able to tackle any new technology challenges they may face is their broadcast systems evolve.

Closeup of Ethernet switch for IP Networking with lots of yellow cables

Practical Introduction to IP Networking

This hands-on 4-day course gives attendees greater confidence in understanding IP networks in a broadcast setting. Starting from the basics, trainees will learn everything they need to know (layer models, VLANs and Routing, TCP/IP, UDP Multicasting, RTP Streaming and more!)

Television Studio Camera and Monitor

Broadcast Industry & Technology Intro

This 1 or 2 day course has been put together to provide a cost-effective way to address the often-overlooked basics of the broadcast industry and its technology whilst also having a positive impact on staff morale by encouraging back-office/admin staff to be included in the initial session(s).

Closeup of laptop keyboard & screen showing coding in progress

APIs and Web Technologies
for Broadcast & Media

This highly practical, hands-on 2-day course introduces the technologies used to support web interfaces, the servers behind them, API (Application Programming Interface) integrations with other systems and data sources, and the security methods used to keep everything safe from attack.
No coding experience is necessary – this course is aimed at staff needing an awareness when working with software teams/vendors

Broadcast Video & Technology
for Developers

1 or 2 day course tailored to file and/or live workflows.
What makes Broadcast Video special? This short course is aimed at software developers who are working with solutions for use in broadcast. What are the key technology aspects everyone should know. The basics of Broadcast Video and Audio will be introduced, explaining important topics like interlace and colour sub-sampling (what is 4:2:0!?).

Closeup of a Broadcast Schematic viewed from a 3D projection

for Broadcast Engineers

2-day practical course (or 1-day abridged) covering all the tools and techniques for using AutoCAD LT in a broadcast setting. Focussing primarily on modifying existing broadcast system schematics (i.e. video and audio system diagrams), but also touching on rack layouts & more.

Field Operations

Broadcast Industry Intro

This short course, delivered face to face or online, is for anyone wanting to understand the industry. What is the Broadcast (Media & Entertainment) Industry? What about adjacent industries. What are the key systems that make up ‘The Broadcast Chain’ and some of the important names to be aware of.

Airport Sign

Exec 1-to-1 Sessions

For those in senior roles who may benefit from a better technical understanding of new technologies, please take a look at our new Exec 1-to-1 sessions. A great chance to fill in those embarrassing knowledge gaps, keep up to date, or just to brush up on the basics.

Tailored Technology Training

All training courses described on this site can be tailored to create sessions perfectly suited to any requirements. Our team of training specialists work with customers to understand potential trainees and what level of knowledge and skills they require to be effective in their roles.

Our Technical Director, Ed Calverley, leads most training sessions but we can also call upon a range of associates when different knowledge or skills are needed. Ed worked for 3 years at the BBC’s Engineering Training department (Wood Norton, near Evesham in Worcestershire) where he was involved in many sessions educating the next generation of Broadcast Engineers in topics such as Video Fundamentals, Compression, Display Technologies, Networking and much more. Residential courses at Wood Norton also included many hands-on sessions so Ed learned first-hand the importance of such activities to ensure new concepts are understood and retained.

Throughout his career, Ed has continued to educate through training sessions, presentations, and writing of technical papers and articles.