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Broadcast Industry Intro

≤1 day

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This short session can be delivered to groups of any size and is a great way to hit the ground running in your understanding of the broadcast industry.

The session may be delivered online over a half-day or delivered onsite (face-to-face) with more opportunity for open discussion.

Most of our trainers have technology/engineering backgrounds so that is certainly the bias of the presentation but all aspects of the Broadcast Chain from Production, through Post Production and into Playout/Distributions will be discussed.

The ‘Who’s Who’ of broadcast will also be discussed, highlighting the important vendors while explaining the big-ticket items of technology that are used at each step of the chain. Commissioning/production and important service/facilities providers will also be discussed focussed on the UK.

We would encourage a wide audience as it’s useful for all people connected to broadcast to have an awareness of the industry they separate in (i.e. back-office/admin staff).

People in sales roles with no prior experience in the industry will also find this this session useful and give them an opportunity to learn some buzzwords and ask questions they may feel embarrassed to ask of more experienced colleges.

Also see this slightly more detailed course which dives further into the supporting technology specidfic to Broadcast.

As with all our courses, we aim to tailor sessions to best fit the people being trained so get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Course Trainers


Ed Calverley Closeup

Ed Calverley

Graham Collins Headshot

Graham Collins

Mike Dhonau Headshot

Mike Dhonau

Neil Garner Headshot

Neil Garner

Pricing depends on delivery style and duration but would be in the range of £1,350-£2,400. Expenses (if face-to-face) are charged in addition to this base fee – an all-inclusive fixed price quote can be provided on request. The fee is fixed regardless of the number of attendees. Inclusive pricing covers all travel, subsistence, printing and other expenses plus access to PDF versions and access to view session recordings (for revision use).

One of the above trainers would deliver this course. We would aim to assign the trainer with the most relevant experience based on the client’s area or business (subject to availability!).

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