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APIs and Web Technologies for Broadcast & Media

2 days

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Client facing user interfaces and many broadcast and media control system interfaces more often than not use some form of web browser-based technologies.

This course introduces the technologies used to support those web interfaces, the servers behind them, API (Application Programming Interface) integrations with other systems and data sources, and the security methods used to keep everything safe from attack.

This highly practical course will give hands on experience on the technologies used, deploying, configuring and supporting such systems as well as covering tools and industry best practice.

By the end of the course, attendees will be able to build and configure new web server systems based on contemporary technology, as well as support basic trouble shooting and upgrade tasks.

Topic List

This course is presenter led with a mix of presented detail and extensive hands-on practical sessions making use of provided virtualised servers and network infrastructure.

The main topics covered in this course are:

  • Architecture and data flows of a typical web site
  • Common web servers (Apache, IIS, NGINX)
  • Domain names, A records and network routing/load balancing
  • Data storage and access (SQL, NoSQL, Blob storage)
  • Web API fundamentals and testing tools
  • Data exchange formats (XML, JSON)
  • Javascript essentials
  • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Cloud services to support web interfaces
  • Containerisation vs Virtualization
  • Docker fundamentals
  • Development and test cycles
  • Security and security ‘Pen’ testng

Course Trainer


Graham Collins Headshot

Graham Collins

Pricing (2024) for this course is £4,950 plus expenses. An all-inclusive fixed price quote will be provided on request. This is a fixed fee regardless of the number of attendees, however the maximum number of attendees is 6 due to the hardware/resources used for practicals. Inclusive pricing covers all travel, subsistence, printing and other expenses plus access to PDF versions and access to view session recordings (for revision use).

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