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Video Technology Basics


The VFX artist and video debunking expert, Captian Disillusion has created a handful of short videos covering the basics of television technology.

CD / Aspect Ratio

Captain Disillusion – 3m 11s

CD / Frame Rate

Captain Disillusion – 4m 12s

CD / Resolution

Captain Disillusion – 5m 37s

CD / Interlacing

Captain Disillusion – 4m 42s

CD / Interlacing ADDENDUM

Captain Disillusion – 4m 18s

The Captian acknowledges that his visualisations of how the image decays of phosphors on a CRT display wasn’t quite right.

How a TV Works in Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys – 11m 38s

This si the slow mo video referend by Captain Disillusion that shows how the phosphors on a CRT display actually decay. It also features great closeups of modern LED and OLED TVs.

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