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Behind the Scenes


Below are some good behind the scenes videos showing examples of broadcast production.

CBS Broadcast Center Philadelphia A Look and Behind the Scene Tour

Broadcast Pioneers – 26m 34s  (Jul 2014)

A behind the scene look at the CBS broadcast Center in Philadelphia. This includes CBS 3,KYW News Radio, and The CW 57

Inside the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Control Room

Hamish Hamilton – 7m 47s  (Feb 2016)

In this video you can hear the voice of Hayley Collett the AD.
She is calling a shot number and a camera number while counting the all musical beats for the camera team to follow.
The shot descriptions and edit points were selected in advance while rehearsing by myself [Hamish Hamilton], Coldplay, Bruno and Beyonce.
Plus this isn’t all the cameras we had on the night. Rod Wardell is the Vision Mixer working the desk to my right cutting between cameras.


Inside the control room: turning NFL football into primetime television

The Verge – 13m 24s  (Nov 2013)

The NFL’s most exciting game isn’t played on the field. It happens behind the scenes, as hundreds of cast and crew come together to turn a football game into a football broadcast, the show hundred of millions of viewers see every week. When the New England Patriots played the New Orleans Saints, we saw Fox make it happen.

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Super Bowl: Behind the scenes of instant replays

CBS Sunday Morning – 4m 24s  (Feb 2019)

The first instant replay was broadcast by CBS during the 1963 Army-Navy game. Since then, instant replays have transformed sports on TV, ratcheting up the drama, and giving fans a much better understanding of the games they watched (as well as letting fans second-guess officials).

Live Truckin’ with Mike Kirby

Mike Kirby – 6m 12s  (July 2014)

A real time, step by step guide into what’s involved in setting up a TV news live report.

Behind the Scenes of a DCI Broadcast Production

Drum Corps International – 9m 14s  (April 2016)

With unprecedented access to producers, directors and crew members, our cameras followed the DCI broadcast production team in charge of covering every second of the excitement during the 2015 DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. 

Behind the scenes guided tour of Global TV Toronto

Global News – 19m 47s  (Feb 2012)

Have you ever wondered how the news broadcast is made? Where Cheryl Hickey gets her clothes? As a thank you to all our viewers, Leslie Roberts takes us behind the scenes for a tour of Global Toronto in Don Mills, ON – a building that has a special place in Ontario’s broadcast history.

Broadcasting Rio 2016 – Behind The Scenes

IOC Media – 57m 09s  (July 2017)

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