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Why is TV 29.97 Frames Per Second (in North America)?


Matt Parker explaines why the NTSC world got stuck using a frame rate of 29.97Hz instead of 3ohz. It was all due to the introduction of compatible colour and needing to avoid interference.

The PAL system used outside of North America was based on a whole new 625-line television standard developped AFTER NTSC colour was introduced so it learned from the problems of NTSC.

i.e. it’s not a question of why the US chose to use an inferior system – they did the best they could do at the time. Like everything in broadcast, the constraints from the past stay with us and this adjusted frame rate is still woth us today even in 4K/UHD!

Why is TV 29.97 frames per second?

standupmaths (Matt Parker) – 14m 26s

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