TL;DR Download selected SMPTE Standards and Publications (for Free) HERE
(including a very interesting paper on Remote Production by Ed Calverley)

COVID-19 has disrupted the world is so many ways. As more people are working from home or are finding they have more free time as a result of being furloughed (or even worse – a lack of freelance/contract work!), companies are coming up with new ways to get people to consume their content.

Thankfully Pandemics like this are rare – so this is a rare opportunity to break the rules and try out new models or do things that would be unimaginable in normal times. One such unimaginable thing is SMPTE Standards being made available to download for free!

SMPTE : The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers are focused on defining and promoting standards in Broadcast and Film industries. As they are quite specialised they rely significantly on charging for access to their published standards – this is not liked by many who argue that all standards should be open but until more companies invest in sponsoring SMPTE in their valuable work it’s not likely to change.

With the growing importance of SMPTE 2110 and the excuse of this crazy period in time, SMPTE have decided to make a section of the key standards available for free (PDF format).

They are also offering free downloads of selected papers which were published in SMPTE’s Motion Imaging Journal – including this very interesting one:

They may not stay free forever so download them while you can!