Once again I receive another email telling me my email address was included in a recent data breech. This time it’s Canva – a site that you can use to help build imaged to use on social media.

How did I know? Thansk to a great site called ‘Have I Been Pwned’ (pronounced like ‘Owned’ with a p at the start).

Have I Been Pwned

Click above or go to: https://haveibeenpwned.com/


In this data breech it tells me:

Canva: In May 2019, the graphic design tool website Canva suffered a data breach that impacted 137 million subscribers. The exposed data included email addresses, usernames, names, cities of residence and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes for users not using social logins.


If you haven’t already registered your email address for notifications you should do so NOW!

It may be scary but at least you’ll know. Obviously the moral of the story is to avoid using the same passwords across multiple sites etc… or consider using a password manager.